Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Free Gas

Joanne said...

He he, I almost fell of my chair with this one, Courtney.
There are always advantages to being a girl even if others may have there uses of them!
Regards Jo.

Poornima Chandran said...

Hi dear,

I wish to know whether are you okay to use your captions in my blog

I will post a link to your blog for every caption that I use and also list you blog in my blog roll.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Hrdknight said...

Great cap Courtney, loved the pic and the cute story. Daddy's a smart

Courtney said...

Yes that is fine Poornima, just make sure I'm credited on all postings.

beckys620 said...

Love this one Courtney, you're on a good streak, keep em coming:)

Heather69 said...

Yeah it should be exciting to see how she gets out of paying for the gas. Great cap and cute skirt.

Poornima Chandran said...

Thanks Courtney for the reply.

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