Thursday, June 7, 2012

Courtney Answers Fan Mail From Straight Guys Who Love TG Fiction

All of these are REAL questions I've received over the last few weeks, so I thought I would do a cute little post answering them!

1. Dear Courtney,

I found your blog by accident. What is this?

-ConservativeDad in Cambridge

Dear ConservativeDad,

You aren't the first person to find my blog by accident and definitely won't be the last. I hope you enjoy your stay here!

2. Dear Courtney,

I’ve secretly been sneaking into my little sister’s room and trying on some of her clothes. While wearing her panties the other night, I got a stain in them that won't come out. What should I do?

-Laced in Lancaster

Dear Laced,

If Billy Mays were still alive, this would be a perfect scenario for an OxiClean commercial! You should probably throw them in the trash and hope she doesn't notice they are missing! Buy her a new pair for her birthday!

3. Dear Courtney,

Have you seen a lot of small penises?

-Weiner in Winter Park

Dear Weiner,

Yes, I have...I used to change a lot of diapers when I was a babysitter! If you are talking about grown men with small sex organs, well...not really...You must be “special”.

4. Dear Courtney,

I really want to tell my girlfriend about my TG fetish. What do you think her reaction will be?

-Some Guy in Somerville

Dear Some Guy,

Did you see my Tell Your Girlfriend cap? I’ve heard of a lot of straight guys telling their girlfriends/wives to mixed results. You know your girlfriend better than I do, so you can guess her reaction! If you think she will have fun with it, send me a picture of her, I’ll then do a transformation cap involving her that you can show. How creative is that?

5. Dear Courtney,

I’m a virgin, live at home with my parents, and have NEVER dated a girl. I always feel very nervous around them and don't know what to do. I think life would be a lot easier if I really WERE A GIRL! Can you help me become one?

-Virgin in Virginia Beach

Dear Virgin,

Ask your mom!

6. Dear Courtney,

After you feminize guys in real life, do you peg them?

-OpentoAnal in Omaha

Dear Open,

No....You know I have a "CLEAN" blog right?!

7. Dear Courtney,

I’m 27, but really wish I were reallly a 12 year old girl. It’s a big fantasy of mine to go in the mall and shop in stores like Wet Seal and Claire’s. What should I do?

-Tweenman in Topeka

Dear Tweenman,

If you really want to get realistic with this fantasy, ask your mom if it’s okay if she gives you $20 and drops you off near the food court in the mini-van!

Last time I checked, it’s not illegal for any person to shop in public stores. At your age, you could actually be the father of a 12 year old girl if you got started early in high school! I say go ahead, but just be careful about getting your ears pierced in front of 9 year old girls in Claire's. They might go tell their moms!

8. Dear Courtney,

What is your favorite kind of tampon to use?

-Dudewhodoesnthaveperiods in Dublin

Dear Dude, 

I don’t even know where to begin with telling you how WRONG that question is...What is your favorite kind of toilet paper?

9. Dear Courtney,

What is your favorite type of underwear on men?

-TightyWhitie in Toronto

Dear TightyWhitie,

Not Tighty Whities... unless the guy has a big package inside of them that I can transform!
Linda Marie Daniels said...

I liked the Q&A, Courtney. Fun idea. I hope you'll do another one soon.

Dee Mentia said...

Enjoyable read! Loved the Spongebob tampons the most.

Wondering if they ever thought about making a Newman's Own Oil and Vinegar Douche!

Courtney said...

I like Newman's Own products, but vinegar is going no where near my vagina!

Joanne said...

Great concept. The tampons were priceless!!
Seriously there's nothing that beats letting your inner kid out or even dressing like one if that's your thing.I love being alg.
Just don't do anything alarmingly stupid like stand dressed like a school kid outside school as unless you're Angus Young maybe you ain't gonna get away with no attention and probably receive a visit from the cops!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking of working part-time as a male Marilyn Monroe impersonator? Should I try this out? Girly man?

Anonymous said...

Dear Courtney, I'm thinking of another part-time job working as a male Marilyn Monroe impersonator? Should I try this out? White halter dress, girly man?

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