Friday, June 8, 2012

Courtney Answers Fan Mail From Straight Genetic Girls Who Love TG Fiction

Dear Courtney,

Besides me and you, how many other genetic girls do you think are into gender transformation?

-PlainJane in Portland

Dear PlainJane,

As of this writing, my blog has over 760,000 views. I know BigCloset has over 25 million and Fictionmania probably has much more. Of that number, I'm assuming some of the genetic girls who have viewed these sites include mother's who caught their sons looking at it, wives who did an internet search history on their husbands, and girls who stumbled upon it by accident while looking up stuff for prom, makeovers, breast implants, nose jobs, genies, gypsies, manicures, brazilian waxes, etc. 

Based on my calculations, the number of other genetic girls legitimately into gender transformation is probably somewhere between 15 and 40...
Dee Mentia said...

I wonder if the definition "legitimately" might be misleading, or confusing at the least.

Is the question asking how many women are into reading TG stories, captions, and forced fem? That would probably be MANY women. I know of three on Rachel's Haven. One is a girlfriend of a longtime member, one is the namesake Rachel, and another I won't out as I'm not sure she's known to be a real female publicly.

Is the question asking how many will sissify their man, engage in gender play, etc ...? Probably less than the above, but still a decent amount.

Ones that want to go really deep into ir .. probably what Courtney says .. 15-40.

Anonymous said...

I have to disagree Courtney, I know there are many women who enjoy feminine men. Just look at our younger people, many of the boys seem thinner, weaker, more effeminate, and girls seem to like dating them as they don't present any of that "Macho" attitude or have to worry about physical abuse. A lot of gay men have close relations with girls. In Japan there is an entire new society that openly cross dress and hang with their girlfriends, this is where Cosplay got it's start. I for one am a GG and I love "the weaker sex", maybe that's what you enjoy too, I don't know. I have helped a number of "gentle" men find their feminine side. I love to try to make them as feminine as possible and will take them as far as they will let me. It's fun to take them out and show them off. I have never liked the "Macho" alpha men who think they are so much more than women and believe that we need to be controlled by them,....UGH!!!

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