Saturday, December 14, 2013

Artists & Authors Wanted

I'm holding another recruitment drive for anyone interested in providing content for this blog. Many of the contributors from this blog have gone on to create their own sites or have disappeared from TG Land, so I'm in search of some new girls!

Artists: If you create clean caps, I want to hear from you! Also if you feel like you can write good caps but don't have the technical ability to do so, I can help you.

Authors: I want to start releasing some TG stories, so if you have something to share let me know!

sororitycourtney (at)

Courtney Captisa
Anonymous said...

Hey my name's Dartmuth and I might be able to help. I don't usually do caps, but I did make quite a few a while back for YouTube videos ( I usually write longer than caps would allow me to. My main place for writing is and I have a bit of popularity over there. I'd love to talk more if you're interested, but the rest of what I'd like to say is a bit more personal (sort of). Please send me a private message (note) on deviantART if you are interested!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe there is only one applicant...please consider this:
Terry had been viewing TG captions for quite some time. Unfortunately, what was once a source of enjoyment had become more like research now. The misspellings, hard to read fonts, and high contrast panels were starting to drive him crazy. Finding a stimulating picture with a well-written story was becoming more and more elusive. For Terry, the thrill of transforming into a beautiful woman had been reduced to web page editing.
One day, Terry received an email from Courtney’s Sorority. Although the organization maintained a high public profile, few were aware of the true mission of this secret society. Bored with the web, Terry decided it was time to become involved in something greater and answered their solicitation for membership.
The meetings he attended focused on self-improvement: maintaining personal appearance; eating right to maintain health and weight; having a positive self-image. There were few, if any, men, which did not bother Terry at all because it seemed as if he was the focus of attention. Their soft voices and pleasant words were soothing. He said his mantras faithfully and listened to all of the CDs and in just a few short months, Terry was truly a new person. Without realizing it, his personality, mannerisms, and physical appearance had changed. Terry had become the woman of her dreams both inside and out.
In no time, Terry began recruiting other “girls” to join the sorority. Once again, the Sisterhood had accomplished its mission.


Ashleigh B. said...

I applied, see your e-mail :)

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