Thursday, December 12, 2013

Official Response from Courtney about Claire's Departure

As posted yesterday, Claire has decided to leave the blog once again. This time, it may be permanent. I won't go into personal details about what lead up to this event, however I will state that I'm really not the heartless bitch that Claire thinks I am. I still love Claire and have enjoyed our almost nightly conversations for the last year. She contributed and helped with much of this blog's development and is/was a good person to chat with.

With that being said, I am first and foremost a businesswoman who has a job to do. Earlier this year, I lost my day job, was living in a shitty studio apartment in a basement, wasn't dating, and had lost nearly all motivation for things I had worked hard on (including this blog). As of now, I am on top of my game in my profession, have paid off a LOT of debt, have dated more frequently, and have joined a business in which some of my friends are becoming rich. This increasingly busy schedule has left me with not as much time for TG Land, however I am dedicated to all viewers and try to provide as much content as possible. I truly appreciate all that current contributors and Claire have provided to keep this site going. This post is actually the 600th we've made to Blogger since starting this a little over 2 years ago. I still get fan mail from people saying it's one of the only TG sites they go to, is the best for clean caps, and/or is how they first discovered TG Land. That means a lot to us!

In the last few weeks, Claire and I were co-writing our first full-length TG story together. Come hell or high water, this story WILL BE RELEASED at some point with or without her as I don't like abandoning projects. Just may be delayed at this point as I need to see where she really stands on this.

I'll continue to post and again, Claire is welcome to re-join at any time. I would at least love if she were to finish this story with me, since it was off to an amazing start and I believe it's something everyone would enjoy. 

In conclusion, I'm all smiles. 

Miss Courtney Captisa

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