Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Cheer Hair

I've been having the theme of "success" in my head, so the next few caps will deal with the idea.

Travis and his sister Ashley couldn’t have been more different. Although their age difference played a small factor with him being 19 and her being 14, he was into Heavy Metal music and cars while she was into cheerleading and painting. He would make fun of her like most older brothers do, but definitely wasn't going to wimp out when she asked if she could style his long hair like she did with her cheerleader friends for fun. 

He was so surprised that he looked passable, at least from the back, that he told her she could keep going to see how far she could feminize him. After forcing him to shave his beloved beard, Ashley gave him some of her bra and panties and worked on his makeup. He barely fit into her cheer work-out clothes, but it was a good start. He looked like a chubby teen girl, but seeing the potential, Ashley showed him some cheerleading moves in her bedroom.

6 months later, Travis was enrolled back in high school as "Tiffany",  Ashley's 16 year-old sister. Very little remains of Travis, other than the sad reminder between his legs that will be removed by Christmas.  Now that she's found an activity she can share with her sister, they are much closer. Everyone who witnessed his transition considered it a success. 

-Courtney Captisa

Anonymous said...

Great cap! Amazing how siblings can get along once they find something in common. Great to have you back and look forward to seeing the next ones!!!!!!

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