Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Novel Pre-Release! AVAILABLE TODAY!

We are happy to announce that our first novel, Not Another TG Story, is available for limited pre-release on TGstories! Getting a membership will not only get you our novel, but also over a decades worth of quality TG Fiction!

To celebrate the release, Claire has decided to make a comeback to capping for a limited time only as well. There will be a new cap everyday this week with excerpts from the novel and themes dealing with our story.

Here's the description:

Dylan is your average teenage boy. Slightly overweight, lazy, plays video games, and dresses up in his sister's clothes! His little hobby soon gets him in trouble however and leads him into a path of femininity. 

Under the cruel guidance of his loving sister and newly found boyfriend Nick, Dylan begrudgingly makes his transformation, which takes place over his entire senior year, including prom and senior week. 

His transition into the female world doesn't go exactly smoothly however. Embarrassing trips to the mall, fighting off kisses from boys, and dancing like a sissy at cheer practice are just some of his tribulations. 

Note: This is NOT a parody story, but is more of a homage to great TG Fiction the authors have read over the years. Contains cheerleaders, siblings, and prom scenes! 

18+ readers only. Contains a few adult situation themes with consenting, legal adults.

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