Wednesday, September 17, 2014

CCC 3rd Anniversary!

Today marks the 3rd year anniversary of starting this blog! Thanks to everyone who has contributed, followed, and supported us throughout the years!

To celebrate this occasion, Claire came up with the great idea of doing a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure style cap series. We are working on it this week and hope to have it up by next Wednesday. It will feature over 60 different endings and there is literally something for everyone, so we can turn you into the girl you want to be! There are over 100 panels involved with this, making it the largest cap series we've ever done!

Other "News":

We are working on 2 new stories right now and plan to release them this Fall.

Untitled College Story: Some guy gets a letter from his dream college mistaken him for a girl named Kaitlyn. Although he is assured that everything will be taken care of, he is forced to attend as a female. Will he continue to fight the process or give into the pressures of feminization? Novel length. 50k+ words.

Under the Poms: Set in 1997, a newly hired government agent is giving the mission of going undercover as a freshman girl in high school to unravel a drug ring happening within the school system. The agency suspects that cheerleaders are behind it, so he is age regressed and must join the cheer squad! Noveletta 30k+ words

Our other stories have been selling VERY well on Amazon. From what I've seen, we are one of the few people writing somewhat clean TG stories on there. You do NOT need a kindle, a free reader will saffice!

Pageant or PrisonWarning: NO sexual situation, but some mentioning by teenagers. 

To Anthony's dismay, the only thing available to complete his court-appointed community service in time is helping out at the Miss Heartland County Pageant. Although being around pretty girls all day seems like every boy’s dream, it turns into a nightmare as he is forced to “help” at the pageant in more ways than one. 

Themes: Teen, Beauty Pageant, Forced Feminization, Blackmail, Pageant Dress, Bikini, Crossdressing, Hormones, Surgery, Breasts, Friend, Makeup, Hair.
Under the cruel guidance of his loving sister and newly found boyfriend Nick, Dylan begrudgingly makes his transformation, which takes place over his entire senior year, including prom and senior week. 

His transition into the female world doesn't go exactly smoothly however. Embarrassing trips to the mall, fighting off kisses from boys, and dancing like a sissy at cheer practice are just some of his tribulations. 

Note: This is NOT a parody story, but is more of a homage to great TG Fiction the authors have read over the years. Contains cheerleaders, siblings, and prom scenes! 

18+ readers only. Contains a few adult situation themes with consenting, legal adults. 
Transformation Methods: Hormones, Makeup, Salon, Shopping, Implants, Surgery, Magic?

Not Another TG StoryDylan is your average teenage boy. Slightly overweight, lazy, plays video games, and dresses up in his sister's clothes! His little hobby soon gets him in trouble however and leads him into a path of femininity. 

Other Contributors:

Claire will NOT be returning to the blog as a full-time member, however I will be posting some of her caps/stories/feminizing adventures. Please check out her Tumblr:

I'm looking for additional cap artists who can dedicate at least one cap a week. Please email me at sororitycourtney (at)

Future Caps:

I have over 500 pictures in my (To Cap) folder and plan to knock these out over the course of 2-3 days since I'm technically off Monday-Wednesday right now.  Will start posting these daily after the Choose your own Adventure is over.

Courtney Captisa
babygurl belinda said...

Congratulations on producing a first rate Clean Tg caption site. Here's to the next year.

Anonymous said...

Happy 3rd year anniversary Courtney! You are doing a GREAT job and look forward to the next three years.

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