Wednesday, September 3, 2014


After a very busy work week/summer, I'm back to create more caps. We are also working on a few new stories!

Here's the background behind this piece of art. Claire finally started crossdressing again after I talked her into it. She also created 3 caps that I'll post this week and agreed to let me share the pics of her in girl mode as long as I made a cap for her. So here it is!


  1. I'd love to get into Courtney's panties then have her seduce me and make great music together. What a dream!!!

  2. Will you ever get the caps back from the website? They were some of my favorite :(

    1. Which site? The wordpress? Most of them are on here. Working on some type of new archive now. All of the caps we ever made are on my laptop plus an external, so plenty of backups :)


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