Tuesday, April 21, 2015

NATS goes #2

Well, that escalated quickly. Not Another TG Story is currently #2 on the Transgender Free Charts on Amazon. Technically, we should be #1 because that story in that slot right now is mislabeled and has no TG elements at all.

Let's keep this ball rolling! Again, Not Another TG Story is FREE on amazon this week until Friday so make sure you download before then! PLEASE leave a positive review once you read it.

Almost 200 people downloaded the book yesterday and I would love to see 200 people each day!

There are a few sexy scenes in the book however they are tasteful and most of the book is CLEAN. Overall, we seem to be one of the few writing teams putting out clean TG fiction on Amazon. Check out our other titles such as Dorm Room Secrets on Lulu!.

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