Monday, November 16, 2015

Makeup Your Mind

I had this new idea for a story and based the cap around it. How do you feel about a story about a guy (who is happy about being a guy) getting in an accident and thinking he is female? I think I've seen a story like this before, but haven't seen one where doctor's recommend surgery and THEN memories start coming back.

Thanks to all who have bought Changing Apartments by Zoe Swish! It's been doing very well on the charts and is a great magic story.

In terms of future stories, the next TG Mall book will be out in 1-2 weeks then it's time for Christmas stories!

Claire and I wrote a book called "When in Rome" that is one of our longest stories and is going to have illustrations. It's about a boy who takes his sister's place on a vacation (NOT WILLINGLY!) Look for this in January!



  1. Never been big on the age regression captions, but as only you can do, you make it work, love it;)

  2. that could a great story line for a book....

    1. This will be a book, probably not going to touch for a few months though since we are so slammed right now.

  3. I like it! Hope to see a continuation,


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