Saturday, November 7, 2015

Race/Gender Swap Story: Changing Apartments by Zoe Swish

Fans of magic transformations will love this new story by Zoe Swish who wrote under the name Swishy on Fictionmania for years. I edited this book for her and am taking care of publishing!

Keywords: transgender, interracial, supernatural, race change, magic transformation, salon, body swap. 

Grace is a half-white/half-Indian woman in her late 20’s trying to find her way through life while working as a hairdresser. Her neighbor Hank is an athletic, macho school teacher who is married to his hot young wife, Abby. Their interactions have been limited except the occasional small talk here and there until Hank follows her back to the apartment complex after checking out the way her ass looks while walking in high heels. 

Luckily for Hank, he’ll have plenty of time to check out her body once they swap places! 

Between researching online and visiting local magic stories, both must learn to adapt to their new lifestyle. For Hank, that means learning how to do her makeup, dealing with her overly sexual best friend, and multiple advances from attractive men. Grace has the luxury of playing sports with the boys and treating his pretty little wife like a princess in the bedroom. 

Both are unsure on how or why they switched bodies, but they are determined to get to the bottom of it. 

Themes: Breast Enlargement, Bridesmaid, Hair or Hair Salon, Long Finger Nails, Very High Heels, Wedding Dress or Married, Accidental Change, Age Progression, Age Regression, Bimbo, Body Swap, Cultural Change, Lingerie, Magical Transformations, Multiple Transformations, and SciFi 

Word Count: 52,000 + 

Warning: Contains several sex scenes. 18+ only. 

Written by Zoe Swish 
Edited by Courtney Captisa

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