Saturday, September 17, 2016

5th Anniversary with Previews of Upcoming Stories (Caps) & POLL!

I never thought that this blog would hit a 5th year anniversary, but today is today. There were were some changes over the years and after my breakdown in December when the blog was pulled for a week, I didn't think I was coming back. Luckily, the support from gender transformation fans keeps me going.

Here was the first post ever made on this site:

Thanks to Dee who originally recommended that I start a blog on Rachel's Haven as well as the many people who have submitted content and helped out over the years. And of course, the people who visit this blog on a regular basis!

Usually on anniversaries, we have a cap special. Claire and I made a bunch of caps last week that have been appearing and will continue for the next two weeks. For this post, I did something similar to the Under the Poms post with having a poll. Each of these caps comes from a story idea we have for a future story. Some have been planned out in details while others are just ideas at the moment with no planning. There's a new franchise that I have in mind about a hospital that has developed a new way of gender change in realistic format that you will see in various caps. You can vote for which one you want to see most on the left side panel on the home page.

New Story Ideas:

Babysitter to Wife

Seniors in College

New Show


The Daughter I've Wanted

Caps already posted, but still ideas for stories:

New Friends Are Great (aka Becoming Latina)

Mate of Honor

Which one do you want to read the most? New Show is one of my personal favorites. I think it's one of the best caps I've made recently and Claire thought it was a very good setup as well.

Hope everyone enjoyed these and hope for more years to come!

Don't forget to get a copy of Under the Poms!




Kitty St. Clare said...

I'd like to see New Show, personally.

Anonymous said...

I'd also love to see New Show

Becca from PG Rated Captions said...

New Show Please!!!!!

csquire667 said...

I don't really like any of them all terrible

csquire667 said...

You should totally do more regular ballet caps or some gymnastics caps would be awesome

Anonymous said...

What's amazing is..... I just spent the last 4 days having met an amazing guy. How far will I be willing to go?

How about the alter....and beyond!

Not fantasy... my reality.

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