Friday, September 16, 2016

Under The Poms is OUT NOW on Amazon and Lulu!


Note: As with all of our books, the Amazon is an epub/mobi book that can be read on any device that has the app or you can read it via the cloud reader which requires no download. Text can be formatted by user choosing. Lulu is a PDF.

This may be the most anticipated story we have written and I'm very happy we were able to finish this for release this weekend. Our 5th year anniversary is tomorrow, so consider this part of the present! In true "back to school" fashion, after you are finished reading it, submit a short essay of our thoughts of the story in the form of a review :) .

The idea came a few years when Claire and I first started writing novels. It's origins go back to March 2014 when we had a voting contest to pick an idea for the "next" novel. Here is the original cap that inspired the story:

Voting took place and Under the Poms won:

We started on this in June 2014 with the idea. I still want to turn some of the others into stories. The one about the guy taking over his ex-wife's life may be a Halloween story this year. In case you are wondering what is happening behind the scenes here, we had a very busy summer and some stories were not finished in time for release as well as some ideas scrapped. We have started writing parts of Under the Poms: Part II but there will be other books in between including Halloween themed and Christmas themed ones soon. Claire and I meet about twice a week now and pretty much have turned this into a part-time job.

The book was pushed back after a while because we had other story ideas and planned to finish writing Part II before releasing Part 1. We changed our minds and Under the Poms went through a major revision over the summer. The story originally took place in 1997. The reason behind this was because we were going to have the franchise start that year and work its way up to current time. Each story would take place the year after the last book. This was scrapped so we had to update almost every outfit in the book as well as pop culture references. The book was going to be illustrated but it feel through and I wanted to get this out. It could not have been completed without the help of Mindi Harris who did the editing and will be editing future books. Alexis helped with the photomanipulation of the cover!

Here are some key notes about this story:
1. Very detailed realistic transformation scene
2. Cheerleading Camp!
3. Fun outfits for a new girl to wear


Mark Brown is a fresh college graduate lucky enough to land a job at the Federal Investigation Agency in Arlington, VA. Although he has mostly been doing office work for his first few months, an opportunity arrives for him to gain experience as a field agent by going undercover in a special assignment in South Carolina. While the details are vague, he knows this is the right step to take in his career.

Accepting the offer, he is shocked to wake up in a medical center after surgery and cosmetic procedures that turn him into 16-year-old Kimberly Saxon! The FIA has discovered a drug-ring that may be circling around a high school and it is Mark’s undercover job as “Kimberly” to get to the bottom of it! Even if that means spending the summer at cheerleading camp to prepare for entering high school as a girl!

Part I covers the introduction of characters, Kimberly’s summer struggling learning how to be a girl with the help of a special agent, going to cheerleading camp and making friends, as well as finding out who her new parents are!

Keywords: transgender, age regression, forced feminization, cheerleader

Tags: Action/Adventure, Age Regression, Physically Forced or Blackmailed, Real Life Situation, School Girl, Slow Transformation, Sweet/Sentimental, The Operation, Undercover, Detective, Workplace Situations, Breast Implants, Castration, Cheerleader, Hair or Hair Salon, Long Finger Nails, Urinating, Prom Girl or Fancy Dance.

Word Count: About 30,000!

Warning: Some profanity. Graphic transformation scene.



Brittany Montgomery said...

Just wanted to stop by and say this first part wound up being really fantastic. The premise seems well-planned, and has a lot of great elements to entice readers into wanting more. And it certainly doesn't skimp on the details. It's a great combination of plot and what we all come here to see.

Sally Bend said...

Sounds fantastic - looking forward to giving it a read.

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