Sunday, September 25, 2016

Poll Results and Future Story Commentary

Here are the results from the poll last week about what stories people are most looking forward to. I was actually surprised that "The Daughter I've Wanted" won. Some of the others had age regression themes, but I guess it's something about a husband becoming a daughter? New Show had some comments and I'm looking forward to that one! The cap inspirations can be found in this post:

All of these stories will be released at some point and the poll had no weighting on the release schedule, especially since some are horror based and will be released next month. Plot Twist: see new covers below. The poll was mostly to see what themes would be most popular.

In other news, Under the Poms is doing well on Amazon. Lulu doesn't have a chart that is similar. The story got as high as #4 and has been staying in the top 15 for the most part. It's very difficult nowadays to hit #1 on the transgender fiction chart since people are releasing these mega bundles for dirt cheap and just tag every single category. So they could be listed in Transgender Erotica and the stories have nothing to do with TG Fiction at all. Annoying, yes. If you have not bought the book yet, I will say that if you enjoy the content on this blog you will love the story. Every theme we mostly cover is in that story including forced feminization, age regression, cheerleaders, etc. If you have read it PLEASE leave a review on Amazon. It means a lot to us. Also if you are one of those people who is nervous about buying TG Fiction online, Dee had a good post about privacy. It's really easy to make a second Amazon account and just buy an Amazon gift card to use!

There were two upcoming stories that were not mentioned in the poll post. The first is the "sequel" to the book 2 TG Age Regression Stories. What is the perfect name for something like this? 3 TG Age Regression Stories of course! The 2 TG Age Regression Stories book bundle came about when I was hit with a lot of commission requests earlier this year. One stories will continue in the same universe with different characters and another is similar to the other. The third story will be Brittany Montgomery's debut with In Your Dreams Publishing! All of these stories are magic based and short stories. If you have been thinking about getting a custom story, please e-mail me since I'm only taking a few and Fall/Winter is the best time for me to write!

Claire and I are working on a short story that is homeage to something that some of you may have seen before...  SEE is a horror story of two guys who wake up in an apartment with no windows and a sealed door. Priscilla the Doll appears and notifies them that have been selected for a game and need to complete certain tasks in order to win with the fate of the loser being unknown as well. What they don't know is that each "game" will involving feminizing themselves. How far will they go for a chance to escape?


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