Saturday, May 6, 2017

Amazon Charts

Damn these erotic anthologies that tag every single genre on Amazon's charts. If it weren't for these, PROMised would be #1 right now! Then again, it is the only one of these that is is a "true" TG Fiction story. Maybe we can hit #1?

Also, I have received zero feedback on the story so far except from the editor, Mindi Harris. Please leave a review or message me!

Remember this story is on a flash introduction sale. Price is going up slightly after 100 sales although I may stretch it to the end of the weekend.
Lee said...

I have only made it half way through your story, then was called away. I like the characters. There are not too many and you did not complex them out. I did not get to experience a co-ed high school. I am sure it was quite different. The story just flows along and I do find myself wondering and caring what happens next to our main character. I expected more from the parents, but the bestie was a good arc

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