Friday, May 5, 2017

PROMised: Transformed into a Girl for Prom is RELEASED!

What better way to end prom week than with a TG prom novel release? There will be a few leftovers for Prom week in the next few days. PROMised is part of my Modern TG Classics series where I take a popular theme from TG Land and put my own spin on it. I'm doing a flash sale for this release. PRICE WILL GO UP SLIGHTLY after the first 100 copies are sold, so you should get your copy this weekend!



Keywords: transgender, magic transformation, TG Fiction, prom, friends.

Justin promised his friend Liam that he would find him a date to prom since Liam's girlfriend Ashley moved away abruptly… She gave him the tickets and the next day he wakes up as pretty preppy girl Paige! Still has the same family, but no one knows what just happened except Paige. Can she convince Liam that they have to go to prom together? What happens when Paige's best friend Lauren starts to show interest in Liam. Wait, why did this other guy just ask Paige to the prom?! 

Modern TG Classics. (Magic Story)

Note: No sex scenes. Only sexuality is mentioned.

For fans of TG Fiction!

Word Count: 22,000 +

Written by Courtney Captisa

Edited by Mindi Harris

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