Friday, May 12, 2017

TG Mall #4: Due Date (Image Story) is Released WITH VIDEO TEASER

Yay! I'm so excited that this is out now just in time for Mother's Day! Many new things happened with this project:

1. It's the first Story With Images (non-illustrated) that I've released. Contained EIGHT IMAGES that go along with the story.

2. The video trailer was fun to make!

3. This release is the 30th that I have put out. Heard it's a milestone in the community!

4. PDF on Lulu was designed in InDesign and looks so much better than previous releases.



Video Teaser:

Keywords: transgender, fantasy, magic transformation, pregnancy, TG mall

Matt Simmons is coming to the mall for some peace and to take his mind off of things. His wife Kristin died in a tragic accident while five months into her second pregnancy. He has a very well-paying job, but misses his wife dearly and the work commitment is taking its toll on his ability to raise his two-year-old daughter Emma.

The first stop at the mall is to a jewelry store where he plans to have additional inscriptions made on a pendant that he will give to his daughter when she gets area. The consultant hears his tragic story and gives him a wink among other things letting him know that things in his life should improve.

Getting ears pierced at a kiosk? That’s not a big deal. Having light pink nail polish applied at the nail tech place. Hey, what’s happening here? What male haircut costs over $300? What is he going to do when he gets caught with a bra and panties by mall security?! More important, why is he starting to look like Kristin?

Word Count: 11,000+

Tags: Breast Enlargement, Hair or Hair Salon, Pregnant/Having a Baby, Age Regression, Cultural Change, Magical Transformations, Slow Transformation, Stuck, Sweet/Sentimental

Warning: No sex scenes, but contains graphic descriptions of human anatomy, gender transition, pregnancy, and other fun things. Some course language. For TG Fiction fans only. 18+

Written by Courtney Captisa

Edited by Mindi Harris

Photo manipulation by Alexis


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