Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Blog Announcements for Spring 2018

Just a few announcements:

Stories: I'm sure many of you have been wondering when the next book is coming out since the last release was a Valentine's Day story: TG Love Potion! You can expect to see something new either this week or next week! My story comPROMise is delayed but should be coming out this May! What started as an idea for a short prom-themed story has now escalated in what may be one of my best books so far since the characters drive the entire story.

Claire and I have written three stories in the past month! Crazy productive and our best month yet. The next book release will be another bundle of TG Stories and we also finished the sequel to See! This one is even darker than the first and goes into more of the history behind Crossword, who is kidnapping and feminizing men.

Caps: Between myself, Claire, and Taylor we have made literally hundreds of caps that are scheduled to come out. Continue to see one new one a day!

Blog Features: I'm adding a few new blog features that will start next month.

Once a week, you'll see "Crap I found in TG Land" a collection of different things I find through my browsing that are gender transformation related.

Every last Friday of each month: "Forgotten TG". This is where I am going to go back and find some things from TG Land in years past that have been forgotten, although are worth a revisit. Even with some of my own caps, I went back through my portfolio the other day and found tons of great stuff that I forgot I even made!


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