Monday, April 30, 2018

Top 10

We are finally in the Top 10 on Amazon's Trans charts with our Two Story Mother's Day Bundle! What's that book above ours?!

If you have already purchased the book, please leave us a review! Mother's Day is still coming up and it's never too early to get in a dress... I mean... in the mood.



When I first showed Claire this trailer, she described it as "Epic" and hopefully you will too!

Footage either created for this video or found under Creative Commons license. Hope y'all love my voice on the first part!

Pageant Pay

If a local beauty pageant has a grand prize of $10,000, why wouldn’t you enlist your teenager? Even if they aren’t female! Single mom Amanda Morgan has found herself at a stagnant job unable to keep up with bills. Her son Cameron is forced to enter the pageant after Amanda tells him that she will have to cut off his cell phone and the internet connection at the house. Of course, that means he is now “willing” to endure a makeover, have his 18-year-old cousin teach him how to act like a girl, and wear a huge sissy pageant dress!

Surprisingly, he is able to pass as a female and is entered into the competition. Some of the contestants recognize him from somewhere… but they can’t put their finger on it. Plus, why does this “girl” seem to be overly feminine even by pageant standards? More importantly, what is Cameron as “Crystal” going to do if “she” wins the pageant?

Themes: Ballet, Breast Implants, Hair or Hair Salon, Hormones, Prom Girl or Fancy Dance, School Girl, Swimsuit, Bad Boy to Good Girl, Crossdressing/TV, In Hiding, Real Life Situation, Sweet/Sentimental.

Word Count : 10,000 +

Making Cuts

25-year-old Brad Butler has been employed at Hawtee Cosmetics as a social media manager for only a few months when he finds himself let go from the company because of budget cuts and outsourcing! COO Sandy Plume is giving the responsibility to deliver the bad news despite never meeting him before. During the meeting, she is firm and strict, but then has a heart for Brad’s situation after discovering his is a crossdresser!

The nights at Sandy’s house start harmless enough with makeovers and chick flick marathons, but evolve to the point where she offers him a three-month trial as living as, Maddie, her teenage daughter! How is “she” going to handle friends and family who are wondering where Brad is? How special will she feel when Sandy takes her shopping for her first bra? What is she going to do when she takes a job at Sandy’s sister’s ballet studio? How far is Sandy going to go to make sure Maddie stays around for longer than three months?

End of the story contains a very special picture!

Themes: Age Regression, Bad Boy to Good Girl, Ballet, Breast Implants, Castration, Chasity Belts, Diapers or Little Girls, Hair or Hair Salon, Maids or French Maids, Caught with Consequences, Crossdressing/TV, Sweet/Sentimental, Real Life Situation, Religious, Workplace Situations.

Word Count: 12,000 +

All stories written by Courtney Captisa & Claire Bear. Edited by Sally Bend.

Sally Bend said...

OMG, that's awesome - and so very well deserved! Congrats. :)

hockeyfan 0819 said...

Love your books, congrats on making it to the top 10

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