Monday, February 18, 2013

Caroline's New Beginning

Caroline has had nothing but a horrible time since she came out to her parents, and it breaks my heart to know what's been happening to her. I've basically become her only family and it would make her so happy to be able to move up to Calgary with me. Unfortunately we have hit a roadblock in terms of finding a way for her to immigrate. If anyone knows anything about immigrating from the US to Canada we would love to hear from you. Please message Caroline, Courtney, or myself on our Skype if you can help.

Caroline: caroline.faith3
Amber: amber.harland
Courtney: courtneycaptisa
Anonymous said...

It would really mean the world to me. She's not kidding, she's my only family right now. And thanks sis :)

Amber Harland said...

You're welcome sweetie

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