Saturday, February 16, 2013

Skype party! (Sunday 8pm EST)

Time for another Skype party! Join me and Courtney (And also other contributors if they are online). Just to be clear Skype is completely free and we won't be doing video (unless we get supppper drunk)

So join us by adding Clairebearxoxo94 on Skype and I will add you in. (There will be forced by sister into cheerleader caps if enough people join :p) The time will be 8pm Eastern time (1 am Greenwich time).

Amber Harland said...

I'll do my best to be there

Lindsey Rose said...

Same here look forward to the caps

Anonymous said...

I'll bring the booze. Oh, wait. -_-

Courtney Captisa said...

I need to do a cap about getting some underage kids drunk and feminizing them!

MaryXYX said...

Underage Courtney? Surely not!

Sorry but much as I should like to join in, 1 am is not my sort of time.

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