Monday, February 4, 2013

Straighten your stockings

Still trying out different styles, tell me if you like :D


  1. keep up the forced!

  2. I like the use of the game image to the right and the look on her face is so wistful. Angela can be a cheerleader now though!

    1. Guys love girls that are into football. I think her date is with the star quarterback! Great cap.

  3. Not bad, you might have a new gold vein going here

  4. Poor former boy longing for the days when she wore cleats, knee pads, hip pads a jock strap, shoulder pads and eye black. Now she’s a girl stuck donning high heels, stockings, a garter belt, a thong, a bra, eye shadow and lipstick.

    Great cap the look on the girl's face really sells it. One of the sexiest caps I've seen in awhile. Where did you find the pic if you don't mind me asking?

  5. I think a boi princess like that cannot but end up enjoying her date


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