Thursday, December 24, 2015

A Girlfriend for Christmas Is Released!

Merry Christmas Eve!

I present to you, the story that caused my anxiety attack! Finally got it finished for the holidays. This is the first book in myself and Claire's "Modern TG Fiction Classics" series where we put our own spin on a TG Classic. The first is "Guy needs date: male friend becomes female!" The next one will be a "lost luggage" story next month.

John and Luke are young graphic designers living in New York City. Luke’s affluent family keeps pressuring him to get a girlfriend and have invited him to their vacation home in Maine for Christmas. He is able to talk John into turning into JULIA after offering him money to assume the role of his girlfriend for the holiday. Julia is also treated to expensive clothes, fine dining, and other perks of being a pretty girl. 

However, problems arise when Luke’s mom, Anna, starts asking Julia some very personal questions about her identity… More problems arise when Luke wants to get a little frisky with his new girlfriend as well… 

Word Count: 15,000+ 

Warning: 18+ Contains sex scenes

This story is ONLY on Amazon for now.

-Courtney Captisa

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