Woo-hoo! Our next Christmas story is out! I'm excited about this one because it's our first story featuring a primarily Hispanic cast, something I don't see too often in TG Fiction. Someone even tries on (not willingly) a quinceanera dress!

After getting in another fight at school, there is only one option to save Carlos from expulsion: forcing him to participate in an extracurricular activity. 

Seems harmless enough until members of the Drama Club force him to wear a girly princess gown as part of his costume for the Christmas play! 

With no choice, Carlos must play the part… but what happens when his new friend Alexa wants him to play the part of ‘Catalina’ outside of school as well? 

Word Count: 8,000+


  1. Is there artwork inside as the story progresses ? Does not mention it at Lulu

    1. We haven't had illustrations in our stories ever, but our first illustrated story comes out next month!

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