Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Success!

Due to my breakdown the other week, A Girlfriend for Christmas, was delayed by a week. I managed to get it up on Amazon Christmas Eve. Crossdressed for Christmas, a shorter story, was released in the wee hours of Christmas morning as a gift to everyone. This makes most of our Christmas stories out with the exception of A Wish for Christmas that I'm going to try getting out New Years Eve.

Apparently a lot of people were looking for some excitement on Christmas, because the book got over 200 downloads Christmas Day! We also had 50 sales of other books that day, making this Christmas our best selling day this year! Wow! Thanks everyone. This caused the book to go #1 on the TG Fiction Free chart and also topped the chart of the UK TG Fiction chart.

In other news, the blog also hit 10 million views this week!

Crossdressed for Christmas will remain free until Tuesday. Amazon has a limit on how many days a book can be set to $0. After that, it will go up in price to $2.99 UNLESS you have Kindle Unlimited since I put it in that program as well.

What's funny is, our Halloween story, Made Maidenly, is still at top of the charts and has proved to be one of our most popular books this year! Maybe we need to release a Halloween story every week next year? More French Maid stories? This story hit #1 on the UK Charts but #2 in US only behind the book for The Danish Girl since the movie just came out.

As I've mentioned before, the team and myself are working hard to put out some great content. There will be a schedule of releases coming starting in January.

helpboy3000 said...

Wow! Thats great miss courtney! I love the free book you gave out!

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