Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fan Appreciation Week Coming!

I hope everyone is enjoying Bridal Week and not getting burnt out with all the new brides! Trying to keep the ideas fresh! I'm putting out (no pun intended), an open call for an upcoming Fan Appreciation Week.

For Fan Appreciation Week, I'll be making custom caps for the FIRST 7 people to e-mail me. Here are the rules:

1. E-mail me with the following info: Male Name, Female Name, Age Range, and what kind of scenario you would like. You may supply me a photo, but I may reject if it's not high quality.

2. I must not be currently working on another cap for you.

3. I must not have done a cap for you in the past 2 months.

4. These caps MUST be within the same genre as this blog (e.g. clean, not disgusting, nothing illegal, etc.)

Look forward to hearing from you!


  1. I would love one! I hope a comment will do over an email.
    Todd to Trisha
    Forced wedding/fancy dance as a result of kidnapping while traveling. LOVE French manicures and stockings. I definitely don't want want to be happy about the situation and future life! Sex can be implied at your discretion.

    You have never done one for me before, hope I made the cut!

  2. I know this is weird, but can you pick a different female name? Long story...

  3. How about this, Britt to Britni, 20s, Hypnosis and feminization, but no sex change and involved romantically with a woman. Would that work for you?

  4. Ha! No problem, how about Sadie?

  5. Courtney,

    I tried emailing you but it bounced back. I hope I can still be in the top 7.

    Name: Jason
    Female Name: Jessica
    Age: Late teens, early 20s
    Setting: Salon
    Scenrio: Mother or Step Mother who is wanting a daughter and takes her long haired son to the salon for a proper hair style.

  6. Name: Will
    Female name: Hayley
    Age: Late teens
    Setting: Rehearsal space
    Scenario: An all girl band needs a new guitar player, and will's the only one who can do it


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