Monday, May 28, 2012

Organizing Gender Transformation Convention?

 I was talking to a friend the other night and the subject of putting our talents together to organize a Gender Transformation Convention came up. Has this been done before? We were thinking of trying to get some pretty cool panels together, have some vendors on site, guest speakers, etc. I think it would be a lot of fun!

Would you attend something like this?

Where should we have it? Las Vegas? New York City? Rehoboth Beach, Delaware?
Jennifer said...

I think it's a lovely idea, but the one reason I think it's never been done before, is because more people would probably like to show up looking like the online persona's they fantasize about.

I know I would like to show up at one of these place's dressed up and passable. It would be one heck of a blast to hang out with other people that enjoyed and understood the same things. ^_^

Anonymous said...

Although Vegas might be interesting, Atlanta would also be a good possibility. There's a large community down here that would attend. Here's a list of TG Cons, which I recognize is not the same, but a start:

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