Thursday, September 13, 2012

Best TG Story Fangirls!

When I made the original Top 13 TG Fiction Stories post, I did so because I've always been a HUGE fan of reading short stories/novelettes and wanted to share my interest. I NEVER imagined that those postings would be the post popular on my blog and that a lot of people originally find my blog by them coming up in a search engine!

All 3 Top 13 TG Fiction Stories posts get thousands of views each week and there is literally dozens of hours of reading material from the 39 stories. I still get asked almost everyday from someone to do another posting!

To be honest, I'm VERY picky when it comes to what TG fiction I like. These postings along with my "book club" have run me a little dry on stories I consider the "best". That's why I'm not asking YOU to submit.

That's right, the next "Top 13" story post will be reader submitted. Either comment on this post or e-mail me what stories you would like to see featured. Here are the rules on submissions:

1. NO story that has already appeared in one of the postings

2. Must be available for easy reading (e.g. Any TG story site, book publisher, etc. Don't submit any stories that appeared in a rare magazine from the 60's!)

3. Must be less than XXX rated. Some sex and other R rated stuff okay, but some story where in the first sentence a guy puts on a skirt and then has 3,000 words describing how he's getting butt fucked!

4. Can be a text story, comic, book, etc. Just no captions regardless of length.

Excited to see what gets submitted. How do y'all feel about a WORST stories post?


Belle said...

Linda C's "Prom Princess" has been a favorite of mine for YEARS! I adore the story (Girl makes cheating (NOT the way you think) boyfriend over into a prom girl over a period of months...and he likes it!), and love the details it goes into, even if the cultural references are a bit out of date.
Plus I'd ADORE becoming a prom girl!

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