Friday, September 7, 2012

The Search for "Missing" TG Artists/Authors

Over the years, I've read stories and seen caps that were amazing from people who seem no longer active in the community. Due to the viewership and community this blog has, I'm hoping to maybe find some answers!

I understand people have interests that come and go or that life may get busy, but I think some people stop making gender transformation art because of 4 main reasons:

1. Most typically, declining interest. I've meet some friends through this blog that told me they just discovered TG fiction, then a few months later they give up on it!

2. They get a girlfriend/boyfriend/married/have a baby!

3. Change their name/theme and produce different work.

4. Mortality strikes!

IF you know of the whereabouts of these authors or you ARE them. Please e-mail me. I would love to do a "Where Are They Now?" follow up to this. I understand if they don't want to share personal details, but would at least like to know the reason for stopping! If seen some posts like this before, but they seemed to feature authors that did work back in the 80's/90's before my time!

Featured "Missing" Artists/Authors!

1. Psilotrea/Pteronarcid/Jennifer Brown?
The only place I have found work from this caption artist is on the Yahoo Group: TastefulTGCaps. That group was run by a phenomenal active artist who currently runs Miles' Tasteful TG Caps. They seem to have been active around 2006-2007 and at the time, had the best clean caps I had ever seen.

2. Mariana Hamelin of Girly Panties
Seriously, what happened here? I listed this blog as one of the top TG blogs of last year and there were no more postings after that! It's been nearly a year and no updates. Come on Mariana, you had some great captions!

3. Jen Derbender
Love the name... Jen had a few popular groups on Yahoo that seem to have been deleted. You can view these in the Gallery Archive of Rachel's Haven if you are a member. I loved how she would incorporate family AND age regression in her captions! I have suspicion that this artist MAY be operating under a different pen name.

4. Jenny North of TGFA
This was one of the first TG sites I ever visited. I'm still shocked that the site is still up after not being updated for over a decade. You know a website is old skool when they have a Guestbook and a Webring! Where are you Jenny!?

5. Julia Manchester
Julia wrote one of my favorite TG stories of all time, Dancer's Legs along with a lot of top quality fiction stories. The last thing I have seen by her was a posting on StorySite's CyberBoard (which seems to be the only thing keeping that site somewhat alive!) A look at her profile on Fictionmania reveals that only 2 older stories have been posted, so I'm REALLY looking forward to some new material! Come on Julia, you know if you post a story I will promote the hell out of it! Sorry for being such a fangirl!

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