Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Claire is BACK!

After a long hiatus of 4 days, Claire has decided to return! He will be posting his own Return Explanation soon, but I think it's because he got his first bra, panties, wig, and other clothes in the mail the DAY after he decided to call it quits and he couldn't help himself but to try them on!

We've also been working the last few nights on some new stuff for the blog and there's some pretty sexy (and funny) segments coming soon! I'm so happy! What a great way to kick off Lesbian/Girlfriend Week!


  1. COURTNEY! you never said you were showing that!

  2. Yay Claire returns! Once you accepted "the girl within", she won't go away no matter how many purges you try.

  3. Wow, I have to say, these are very very nice!

  4. Cute nails Claire..and a cute top too... Like the messy pigtails.


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