Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas with Claire

Claire woke me up by sending me a text at 3am EST from England saying her Christmas presents suck this year. Such a brat right? Well, I decided to do a cap about it. Hopefully next year will be more productive!

We have a giant Christmas Special for the blog today, so caps will be going out throughout the day. Hope everyone has a fun and safe holiday! I will be on break again until New Years!



  1. (Turn your phone off at night!) Where are you Claire?

    One of my daughters gave me a pair of earrings and three small bottle of home made liqueur. Another gave me a pair of fluffy pink slippers with my name embroidered on them. Somebody sent a parcel addressed to "M. xxxxx" containing a gift addressed to "John" containing a lady's purse. That's "purse" in English - holds cards and cash. Unfortunately they forgot to include the "From ..." tag.

  2. Oh sorry - I see you are in London. I'm in Oxford, which isn't really that far away.


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