Friday, December 28, 2012

Courtney's Greatest Hits

The next few days will have a special "End of Year" wrap-up post. This year has been EXTREMELY busy for the blog. I'm so happy to have so many great friends, super fans, and loyal readers! I went back and looked at all the caps I've made this year and was so happy to share them! A lot of people view labels and categories on here, but I wanted to do a special "Greatest Hits" post that has all of them and talk about them a little.

This was one of the best wedding caps I think I've done. I just love reaction shots like this.

A lot of people told me the ending was forced on this one. But it's a fucking TG cap!

Gotta love boys trying on their sister's stuff.

 This series was done by request. I was lucky enough to find a good collection of pics that worked for this!

This was inspired by a story I read on Fictionmania!

Before and Afters are always great. Especially when you are expecting a different result!

One of the best series I think I've done.

This one surprised me. It received NO comments when I posted it and was one of the first caps with nudity I've done! Maybe it's because they hated the 2nd part of the cap....

I love Daddy's Girl themes....especially when Daddy needs to punish her!

This one got a lot of great feedback. It's a perfect example of how a story really carries the cap.
I'm a dork for movie poster parodies!
Not much to say on this one. I just really liked it.
I'm surprised this didn't get many comments. WTF is with this pic?! I couldn't resist capping it.
Great example of Dark cap with sweet image!

It took me forever to find a good pic for this story. But I consider this perfect!

One of my favorite age regression ones.
When you don't expect the POV!
I have to get creative sometimes...

I also want to mention what may be my magnum opus:

Did I miss anything?
Annabelle Raven-Hyde said...

Be proud of your work honey. I am :)

Courtney Captisa said...

Aww, thanks Aunt Annabelle!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic retrospective Courtney! Thanks for a great year, looking forward to 2013

MaryXYX said...

You really do have the best caps here. Thank you for reminding us.

It takes a lot longer than six months in real life but I'm getting there. I'll be threatening you with "Before and After" pictures next!

Courtney Captisa said...

Can't wait to see!

MaryXYX said...

I can't put links to images in this box and I can't add attachments. How?

MaryXYX said...

If it wants a word, try Courtney.

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