Sunday, December 30, 2012

The End of Courtney's Clean Caps

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank everyone for supporting this blog and the gender transformation community! It's been a very productive year for this blog and I NEVER imagined that this would become as popular as it has proven to be. That being said, with a New Year comes New Changes.

The break I've taken from capping in the last few weeks has helped clear my mind a little and I've been very productive in other projects in my life.

Sorry for being a bitch, but I put the title up just as a scare tactic! By the "End of Courtney's Clean Caps" I mean it may be the end of that NAME! That's right, I'm looking for a new name for the blog and will continue making caps in 2013.

I started capping because I was unhappy with the amount of clean captions I was finding online. Since starting this, I have meet some great collaborators and other contributors to this it's not really "my" blog anymore, it's OUR blog. That and I've been wanting to experiment with some more CLEAN ADULT Captions and expand the blog to include full length stories.

This blog has been the "career" launch pad for several new caption artists and I'm still looking for new contributors.

I am looking for new name suggestions. I will keep using Courtney's Clean Caps until a suitable replacement is found!


w8z2x4m said...

Would, "Clean Caps & Collaborations" be a fitting continuity concerning this community? Or, "Collaborative Caps & Compositions" Just a couple of ideas.

Elle (composer of not-so-clean caps)

Hammster said...

Good, keep up the great work. Oh, and just so you know, you're not the only TF blogger who likes to keep it clean. ^_^

jack said...

Joes Jumping Jelly delicious Caps? Or Franks fried Caps?

Linda Marie Daniels said...

Thanks for all the great caps you and your collaborators have given us. Looking forward to more excellent clean caps. Best wishes to you for a very happy and productive new year.

All the best.


TeenClaireBear said...

I say you keep the name the collaborators don't post enough anyway :P

Anonymous said...

"Courtney's Community Clean Caps" would recognise other captioners, only be a slight name change, and has some alliteration.

Anonymous said...

i just think it's sexy when girls call themselves "bitches". i never call anybody that but i like your apology above : )

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