Monday, December 31, 2012

2012 Best & WORST of TG Fiction

Some of you may recall last year's post about what I considered the Best & WORST. This year I decided to do something different and asked other well-known authors and caption artists their thoughts on who should "win" in different categories of TG Fiction/Gender Transformation from any source.

I was going to do a massive survey but ran out of time (hopefully I'll have this shit more organized by next year) so I'm just going to post the nominees from each category and leave it up to YOU to decide on your favorite! So here we go:

Best Caption
"Like Mother, Like Daughter" by Evie
“Denial” by Caitlyn Masks
“The Inevitable” by WesManTooth
“Hypno Revenge” by Mistress Kaila 
"Virtual Vacation" by Smitty
"Butterfly Hill" by Rebecca Molay
"Model Melody" by Courtney Captisa

Best Story
"An Unexpected Sex Change" by cds6
“Snowed Out” by Shawna Stimple
"Hair & Now" by Morpheus
"Young Master" by smitty  
"The Student" by Belladonna

Best Comic or Illustration

Best Video

Best TG Site Overall
TG Storytime
World of TG*

Best Paid-Purchase

Best Caption Blog

Best Blog All-Around

Best Resource for Finding New TG Stuff

TG Hall of Fame Nominees
Karen Elizabeth L.
Rachel from Rachel's Haven
TG Comics

Worst Categories
I was considering not putting in "Worst" categories since most of the people I gave a ballot to didn't nominate anyone and said it was a little negative so I should drop it. That's why I didn't list them under every category. However, since there have been a few things on my mind about "WORST" this year and I'm a are my nominees.

Worst Blog
Being Andrissa***- If you've visited this blog, you know why.
Castration Captions- In all fairness, if this caption artist does a Best/Worst Of. I'll probably make their list for worst blog.

Worst Story
"Baby Tiffany" by Betty Noone*- It's not the worst in terms of grammar, however in all my years of reading TG Fiction this was the first story that actually made me cry.

The story deals with age regression, but takes it to the extreme. I'm almost certain the author mistook this TG Story as the script for Saw VII! One scene was so graphic it made me throw up in my mouth a bit. Yuck.

*= Was nominated more than once!

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