Monday, December 17, 2012

CHRISTMAS!...Is cancelled.


It's Christmas time..... for most of us and as you could have guessed there was supposed to be a Christmas/Holiday week. Sadly Courtney is not in the Christmas mood right now (humbug) So sadly Christmas is cancelled :O

Courtney had been going through a lot recently and is currently sadly living in a basement of someone's house (Don't worry...they have no idea). The bad thing is she doesn't even have a bed! She is forced to sleep on a sofa with unknown stains on it. Me and Courtney had planned on sending pressies to each other but instead I have decided to start a donation drive to get Miss Captisa her bed.This whole ordeal has affected her in more than one way ( how would you feel if you were to date a girl who feminized boys and went into her only to find her bed is a sofa!) Needless to say her sex

She has mentioned to me before the things she would like most:

I have already given $50 so we are closer to the goal of $600, which means if everyone who views the blog today gave just $1 then Courtney can have her bed and sleep in it! Donations can be made to the PayPal that's set up on the blog! or message me at and I'll give you her mailing address! In the meantime, me and the rest of the team will be posting caps until she returns (Claire's Clean Cap's?!)



Anonymous said...

I think it's amazing that something that is essentially a genre of soft-core fetish porn has a community so closely knit that people would be willing to buy somebody else in the community a bed for Christmas. It's a little inspiring, in the weirdest possible sort of way. I'm a little young for... money... but good luck anyway!

Anonymous said...

A small donation sent, Regards Joanne_chan

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