Saturday, January 11, 2014

Finally Haylee(Based on a True Story)

This cap is a very emotional one for me because it is actually all true(minus the hormones). I hope that it makes for a good cap girls and I hope that you all enjoy the cap a lot :) Please comment this up because this cap has a bunch of emotion of mine in it. If you would like to hear more of my story please comment me and I would love to talk! I love you girls with all my heart.

-xoxo Haylee


  1. Thanks for sharing your emotions, Haylee. I, too, have been down a similar road when my mom found stuff and burned it.

  2. You should stop showing off your boobs young lady.

  3. you should start hormones, no matter wha give it a shot

  4. Thank you all lady's for your support :)

  5. Love your story. I have a similar one but it was my stepdad who would go through my room and take all my clothes. Hopefully you end up living your dream.


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