Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Playing Like a Girl

I am a big hockey fan and as you can clearly tell I like the Pens, so sorry Flyers fans. I really hope to do some more sports caps like these, so if you like it please comment it is greatly appreciate it :)
Also if you would like any caps done for you just email me at joshdeutsche4767(at)gmail.com and i would love to take some requests :) also if you wanna chat feel free to email me too :)

   -xoxo Haylee


  1. Go Stars! No, check that, we suck.

    But, hey, great caption! ^_^

  2. if you mention hartnell as a girl then should do more flyers caps. crosby does play like a girl, dives when touched, will pull on people hair when their in fights.

  3. As a Flyers fan, I wish I could lose this bet. Love it, even though I don't like magic caps too much. I feel like I should be her.

  4. YAY!! Pittsburgh!!

  5. haha i love all the comments girls glad you enjoy the cap

  6. Great cap!!! And what a pic. Turn me into a girl that good looking...please!

  7. very nice! I wouldn't mind losing this bet!


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