Monday, January 6, 2014

Stepsister Needs

On Saturday night, I worked during the day and decided to take it easy that night since I've been traveling a lot lately and need a break from club life. Just stayed home with a bottle of wine and decided to spend some time making art. Cause alcohol and making TG caps go together like bananas and Jell-O powder!

It was like Christmas for TG Land that night. Not only did I make over a dozen caps, but THREE of my past contributors contacted me about coming back and I got to talk to some long time friends like Ashlee and Jack. Also talked to Josh/Haylee who as you may have seen is a contributor now. She is turning out caps like no one's business and is one of the best up & coming clean artists out there right now. 

I'm proud to announce that what we all put out is AMAZING and some of the best clean TG Caps you'll see this month. We made so many that you can count on seeing at least one cap a day for the next month on this site. I've also invited a number of well known caption artists to join this blog. My invitations never have an expiration date. I just feel like TG Land needs one big place for ALL clean content. For many, it has been this site for years now but it's very taxing on me to keep providing new content.

The only thing I ask is that people PLEASE START COMMENTING MORE. Lack of comments has caused many artists to quit. Although we get some personal pleasure out of this whole thing, it takes a lot of time and effort to make this shit so we would like to know if you love the art, hate it, etc. I've been so pissed lately, that I've had the idea of deleting caps if they don't get a certain amount of comments. Yes, I've been a bitch lately! (ask any of my contributors :P) 

Also this site DOES cost us money to keep up, so if you would like to donate some funds or advertise on this site, please message me privately skype:courtneycaptisa or email sororitycourtney at gmail. 

For those who have asked about Claire, her and I still talk almost daily. Although she "quit" this blog and started her own, she is still officially a contributor here and is welcome to post again any time she wants.

The request line post the other night was successful. From what I've noticed, people would rather see activities than transformation based plots. The focus of this blog has almost always been realistic caps featuring mostly teen-college age people in which there is almost always a "forced" nature. We are going to spice things up a little bit by adding some different scenarios and plot lines. Haylee is big into "magic" based caps, so you'll get a dose of those with some of hers. 

We are also going to bring back some themes we experimented with in the past such as Race change, Female to Male, and Emotional based caps.

Below is a caption that I made Saturday night that is "Classic Courtney". Forced Age Regression Cap with a cute pic and "lovely" undertones! Let me know what you think about all of this!

Courtney Captisa

Just Jennifer said...

Love the idea. Wish I was her.

Allie C said...

Love love love it Courtney!!!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic!!!!!!!! some guys are just plain lucky!
Great cap and pic!

Haylee said...

Miss Courtney I love your caps, I can only hope to become half as good as you at capping! you are my hero

sissygurl belinda said...

A most enjoyable caption, Courtney.

Anonymous said...

good job :)

Erin said...

What a lucky girl. Love the cap!

Anonymous said...

Don't want to seem redundant, so that is why I usually don't comment but I LUV your site, dear. I am the one who asked the other day for more bikini caps. So, thank you for this and please keep them coming because this gurl loves them and I luv all of you so much for making this site possible! :)

Haylee said...

You're welcome, and I made a couple bikini caps myself so expect them in th ecoming weeks

Anonymous said...

That's so kind of you, sweetie!

Danyelle TS in FL said...

Wow what an amazing cap!!! I'm definitely jealous of him. Who wouldn't want a stepmom like that and to look as amazing as that with Tiffany as his twin. Please do more like this it was simply amazing.

cynthia lynn said...

Love this one

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