Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Halloween Week Begins: Found a Maid

I wanted to do something different with this picture. On the surface, it looks like a photo of an attractive girl in costume. In reality, anyone who looks at this photo like me who sees hundreds of photos a day can tell that this picture is from a few years ago. Based on the camera quality and hairstyle, I'm going to assume this is from 2007-2010.

That's what gave me the idea for this cap. I've done some similar ones before, but I love the idea of someone finding out a male in their life is a former crossdresser or was trangendered at this point. There are a few cases of people who went back to their original assigned gender while living full-time. That and talking to Ben gave me the idea.

Speaking of French Maids... have you bought Made Maidenly yet?


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