Monday, October 5, 2015

It's a CCC Christmas, Updates, & Patreon Announcement

I know what you are thinking, Christmas is still months ago! Well here at CCC/In Your Dreams Publishing, we are always in the spirit!

Here's the real story: 
As mentioned before, the team has been working really hard to push out new content.

Due to some personal conflicts in Haylee's life, I'm going to finish TG Mall Book #2. She wrote about 8,000 words of it so far and it will probably be another 5k or so. She's really overwhelmed with college right now. The story has a Halloween theme so it will definitely be out before the end of this month.

Claire and I just finished a new book that is over 30,000 words that we've been working on for about a month. It's a new book series called "Modern TG Classics" and will feature a story based on popular TG Fiction tropes with a modern twist. The first one is called "When in Rome". This also may be the first book will illustrations and we aren't playing any games with it.

We met today and spent a few hours plotting out future Modern TG Classic books. That's when we got in the holiday spirit and decided to start working on a Christmas story! I'm going to try releasing a new story every week in December.

I should also mention some things happening in my personal life. Although I'm still working, a rough winter is expected and I'm going through some career changes. I made the decision to put a lot more time into writing TG Fiction, especially since there are very few "clean" TG stories on Amazon. Although a few of our stories feature sex, the sex scenes are usually just a little extra (no pun intended) and only about 20% of our books feature a scene like that. It's not like some books I see where a guy transforms into a girl in the 2nd paragraph and then starts having sex with a bunch of guys. I know some people like that but it's never been what we liked primarily.

Right now, I'm putting in about 30-40 hours a week in TG Land to maintain this blog, write, and promote. If you would like to support us, please check out our new Patreon page:

It's also listed on our home page under the tabs.

Here are my real goals:
I want to start taking this to the next level and release more books with illustrations. For this, I need to pay an artist. Also we've had the request to start doing audiobooks and for this I need several trained voice actors. I've reached out to a few, but no responses and have found that I need to find people who are interested in TG Fiction in order to make this happen!

With all of this on my mind, I came up with the idea for this cap!

Anonymous said...

Come On! It time to get SPOOPY still...

Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney
What is your e mail so I can write you? It doesn't come up on your contact sheet

Courtney Captisa said...

courtneycaptisa (@)

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