Saturday, October 31, 2015

Courtney's Picks for 7 Halloween TG Stories

Happy Halloween Everyone!

I didn't get to post as much as I wanted to this week, but hope you have enjoyed what I've posted. Claire and I wrote three days this week for our Christmas stories, so I was making sure you'll have a Merry Christmas.

It's time to end this week right by talking about my true love, TG Fiction Stories. The story has been told before, but you know I like repeating myself! When I first got involved with TG Land, I HATED caps. At the time, technology wasn't there and most caps were poorly designed with low-res photos. I turned my attention to TG Stories on Fictionmania, Nifty, StorySite, and whatever else was around at the time.

This isn't a "top" list by any means of the imagination. These are stories that I remember from over the years because they meant something to me.

1. No More Bluebeard by Debbie Sanderson

This was one of the first TG stories I ever read. It's very simple by today's standards. Halloween isn't mentioned but a costume party is so close enough! I'm not sure where I first read this but luckily it is available on It was written in the late 90's.

2. The Former Boys Club by the Professor

Another classic story by a famous TG authro!

3. First Place Bride by Lisa Elisabeth and Donna Anne

This story is very old skool TG Fiction invovling a boy who goes to a costume contest as a bride. Reminds me a lot of Karen L. Elizabeth's work. Wonder if there's a connection based on the name...

4. The Slumber Party by Rogergirl

This story has a great idea, boys dress as cheerleaders for Halloween. Unfortunately, it's VERY short. (That's what she said.)

5. The Office Clown by Belladonna

This is a new story. Belladonna has put out a few good crossdressing stories for Halloween over the years.


There was a story I read when I first got into TG Land about a guy who dresses up as a cheerleader for Halloween, has sex with a guy, wakes up the next day as a real girl and a female friend comforts him. Trying to find it!

7: Made Maidenly by Claire Bear and Courtney Captisa

You didn't expect anything less than a shameless plug from me, right? The reason I'm putting this on the list is because this is the first Halloween story we ever released and it combines a lot of our favorite themes. The story does take a dark turn but still remains its sweet and clean nature! It recently hit #1 on the UK TG Fiction chart!

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