Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New Book Announcement & Cap

As I may have mentioned before, Claire and I met last week to discuss ideas for Christmas stories this year. I've found that there aren't too many GOOD Christmas stories in TG Land other than really generic (boy gets girl presents for Christmas) and lame movie rip-offs. My idea is to do something like 4 weeks of Christmas and put out a new story every week in December, much like those really corny god awful 30 days of Christmas movies on family channels.

We have some very good ideas for Christmas stories although Claire brought up a good point that it's coming up on Halloween and we didn't do a Halloween story. TG Mall #2 by Haylee is Halloween based and will be released next week. Since Halloween is a popular holiday with TG/CD community, why not?

Claire and I decided to do our own on a popular take on a "french maid" story. The plot involves a guy who is asked to go with a female friend to a party at a rich person's house dressed as a maid. Little does he know, he may be joining the staff! It's a fun shorter story at about 13k words (yes, this is short to us.... that's what she said)

I'm putting the finishing touches on it tonight and talking with Claire about cover art later tonight as well so hopefully it will be on Amazon in a few short days!

Anonymous said...

Awesome cap!

Summer said...

Can't wait for the new book! I love all of your other stories! Just out of curiosity, how is under the pins coming along?

Courtney Captisa said...

Under the Poms is on hiatus right now so that Claire and I can get through the holiday season. We did get about 40k words of Under the Poms so far and it may be split up into a few different books.

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