Sunday, January 3, 2016

A Wish for Christmas is POSTPONED

Sometimes in life, people get ahead of themselves and I was completely guilty on this one. The idea for this story was conceived a few months ago and unfortunately I announced its release a bit too early considering it wasn't finished at that time. Claire and I were pulling a lot of hours to ensure most of the Christmas stories got released on time, but then of course I had my burnout and everything.

In case you haven't read before in a previous post, the plot revolved around a guy in his 20's who comes back to his hometown for the first time in years and is disappointed for many reasons. He makes a wish on Christmas Eve which accidently turns him into a 15-year-old female version of himself back in 2005. So there's something for everyone! Magic... Age Regression... Time Travel...

I wrote about 7,000 words of this so far and planned for a NYE release. As we can see, that didn't happen. With this story, I had MANY ideas and a 10-15k story just wasn't going to cut it. So it's post-poned until Christmas 2016! I'm going to spend the year working and crafting this. (so Christmas 2005 may turn into Christmas 2006!)

Just a few other things on writing... You can expect some more in-depth stories this year. Two stories I have in mind have very complex story lines which are taking awhile to put together, but I think it's all worth it in the end run.

You will be happy to hear that Claire and I have begun working on the sequel to "Bet I Can Feminize My Brother!" We are about 35% finished the first draft and already there is MUCH stronger character development and relations. You can also expect our classic transformation and shopping scenes!

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