Saturday, January 16, 2016

When In Rome: Wear Sister's Clothes! (Illustrated Story!)

I'm proud to announce the release of our first illustrated story! This one has some history behind it. Claire and I finished writing it in October and spent some time looking for an illustrator. The first person didn't work out, but then we found Fraylim who has done some work with Joe Six-Pack!

This is also one of the longest novels we have written in awhile coming in at a little over 30k words!

Keywords: transgender, lesbian, fantasy, forced, crossdressing, erotic

Word Count: 32,000+

Over 15 Illustrations by Fraylim! Book #2 of our Modern TG Classics series where we take a popular plot from TG Fiction and put our own twist on it. This story revolves around the “lost luggage” idea.

At first, Chris considers himself lucky to get a free trip to Italy since his sister, Chelsea, is unable to go with her friends and gives him her ticket as a gift. Sure, spending the trip with her friends Leah and Meg may be annoying but surely he can do his own thing for part of the trip.

Once they get to the airport in London, Chris soon finds out that the contents of his suitcase had been replaced with his sister’s clothes and he is now being forced to act and look like Chelsea for the entire trip since having a boy along would be awkward! 

‘Chelsea’ must now enjoy her trip with wearing ‘her’ sister’s panties, going out in little black dress to dinner, trying on outfits in the shopping district with ‘her’ friends, wearing a bikini to the beach, and twerking in the club. If that isn’t enough, how is ‘she’ going to deal with getting hit on by men… and women?!

Warning: Some sex scenes involving with consenting adults. Profanity. 18+ only!

Themes: Bisexual, Gay/Lesbian, Long Finger Nails, Swimsuit, Very High Heels, Bizarre Body Modifications, Crossdressing/TV, Physically Forced or Blackmailed, Real Life Situation, and Sweet/Sentimental.

There are about 15 images in this story. Please let us know what you think of the story by review when you are finished so we can decide if we want to keep doing illustrated stories!

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