Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Y U No Review?

Crossdressed for Christmas was given away for free for a few days starting on Christmas 2015 for a few reasons.

  1. I wanted to spread joy to everyone for the holidays!
  2. Some people haven't been able to enjoy our previous stories that aren't free
  3. To give people an idea for my style who may not normally read this type of TG Fiction which focuses on clean-style gender transformation 
To give you an idea on numbers, in the 4 or 5 days this was available for free, about 500-600 people downloaded the book. 200 of which were on Christmas Day. This made the book go straight to #1 on the Free charts. Once the promotion ended, it went to being $2.99 unless you have Kindle Unlimited which enables you to get it for "free" as well. It has stayed in Top 20 on the paid chart since then.

So with a few hundred people reading this book, why do I have ONE review on Amazon? Several people HAVE reviewed the book on other sites such as Goodreads and I have received some personal emails from people regarding what they thought of the story.

I'm just really curious. Lack of comments and reviews has always seemed to be a problem in TG Land. In the capping community, I've seen people actually quit making art because of the lack of feedback they were receiving. For fiction writers, I have talked to several who post for free on Fictionmania only because they know they will get feedback on the story there. 

Is it a privacy thing for Amazon? Have mentioned this before, but Dee had a good idea of making separate accounts for Amazon and using gift cards or such to pay for things. That way your name won't appear in the comment section if that's an issue.

Reviews help us in more ways than one. We take it very seriously. Heck, there is going to be a sequel to "Bet I Can Feminize My Brother" just because so many people were asking if there would be a sequel. I have joked with Claire that we should just do one book that is a sequel to every book we've written where the world of all characters meet. 

Mira Mori said...

I got it but just haven't had the time to read it. Will try to read and review it soon.

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