Friday, January 22, 2016

When In Rome is on Lulu!

By popular demand, I decided to put our new illustrated story on Lulu:

For now on, I'm going to put books on Amazon on kindle format and PDF on Lulu. Some people requested PDF versions of stories since they are "easier to hide" than on a Kindle device or browser. I'll leave the options up to you.

For those of us in snowy conditions in America this weekend, great time to cuddle up with a book!

Other updates: I'll be publishing a kinky story by a well-known author that has only been on Fictionmania soon.

Claire and I are still working on "Bet I Can Feminize My Brother Too!"

I wrote a magical age-regression for a friend. Not sure on how I'm going to release it, but may do another story and do a dual book. We've had a few requests for more cheerleader stories so I may do something with that.

Working on a Valentine's Day story. Very modern plot and realistic.


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