Friday, April 6, 2012

Just Blogging

I hope everyone is having a good Spring so far. I'm enjoying the nicer weather, but I'm really ready to put on my bikini and go back home to the beach in a few weeks!

A few updates:

1. Direction: A lot of you may have noticed that when I first started capping, most of my caps had longer stories and more detailed transformations. I kind of moved away from this angle after a few months since I got a little burnt out and became more interested in scenarios rather than the "how" or "why". In the next few weeks, I'm going to go back to making more longer caps and have some really cool designs in the works. There are some really original stories I have laid out and there may be a few new collaborations in the works!

2. Viewership: The blog has hit a record high in daily viewership and subscribers in the last few days and I want to thank you all! If you aren't able to comment on the caps, I would like for you to mark the cap using one of the options below (Amazing, Funny, Cute, Messed Up, and Sucks). It's as easy as a Facebook Like and helps me learn what you girls like!

3.  Courtney's Personal Life: This blog is a fun, creative outlet for me. Not too time consuming and very rewarding. I'm kind of going through a rough time right now. I work in the type of industry where people have several jobs and a few of them are not making me happy right now...not to mention a lot of people owe me money and aren't paying! (Do I have any lawyer viewers?) Trying to keep my head high as I've always been very ambitious. Just need some good luck!
Joanne said...

3. Sorry you're going thru all that rubbish, Courtney,. Hugs, Jo. xxx

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