Saturday, April 21, 2012

One of the Simpliest Caps Ever

I have a really important piece of dialogue in this.


  1. Those are sexy panties I would Love you to give me a pair Courtney

  2. Magical transformations can start with the smallest and cutest of things....

  3. If more guys wore panties like this than the world would be a much better place. Great cap Courtney!!!

    1. I do try to wear panties more often but don't want to be considered gay not that there is anything wrong with that. I do love women. Panties is really just a big fetish and more confertable.

  4. I been trying to wear panties more often. My problem is that I get excited a lot in them. Was wondering what I can do to help that. I would like to wear satin or silk ones but since they excite me so much I've switched to just plain cotton panties during the day and only sleep in silkier ones at night. Send me a email with your info please at

  5. I would love to wear panties more often I'm just afraid of someone finding out my secret. I'm also afraid to go into a store and purchase my own panties.. I get really nervouse and shy. Even when I had a girlfriend sometimes ild like to buy them for her but couldn't go into the store and buy them. I would like some advice maybe to help get over my fear of people seeing me buy panties and being ashamed to be wearing them all the time.

  6. Why can't I post here?


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