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America vs. UK ... in TG Land! (Another Book Announcement)

This is something that has been bugging me for a long time and I want some opinions on it. Is there a really big difference between American's views on gender transformation as opposed to British?

Although I am American, since starting this blog in September of 2011 I've hired collaborators from England, Canada, New Zealand as well as fellow Americans who were studying abroad in Germany/Austria. I've had people message me from France, India, Mexico, and many other countries although I've never gotten an e-mail from someone in the Middle East for some reason...

What amazes me is that we still see a very high percentage of American viewers. Here are our stats since starting:

Wow, holy shit that's a lot of views. Our current count is a little over 8 million in 3 1/2 years. Not to say I'm going to complain about 713k views, but here are our stats from the past week:

So over 6x the amount of Americans have viewed this blog than people living in the UK. This bothers me a little.  Here's my main question: What causes this?


a) Preference: 
In my experience, it seems that overall British people that are into gender transformation are mostly into crossdressing and sissy play while Americans seem to prefer full transformation, magic, and sci-fi. I know of a handful of cap blogs based in England that only feature CD caps. There are also a lot of stories written that are posted on Fictionmania that only feature CD.

The focus of CCC has always been on sweet clean forced caps that are realistic, although we occasionally dabble into magic transformations depending on who is writing and what the story is calling for.

b) I Just Suck At SEO: 
If you were ever curious as to how other people find this blog, here is the current traffic source:
This wasn't always the case. Up until last year, WorldofTG was the top source for finding this page. I'm having a feeling due to the age of this blog, many people know us by name and now just come here directly which is why Google is number #1. This is proven by the keyword searches:

Yes, my posts about Top 13 TG stories are still very popular. It's probably time to release a new one since I haven't released one in years!

So why isn't on here? Is there a more popular search engine over there? Do we even come up on the Google search over there?

Apparently yes...

c) Americans just love the Internet:
I am well aware that not everyone who is into gender transformation spends time looking at caps and reading stories. If British people love just crossdressing, they just may do it privately and not dabble into online stories as much as Americans do?

d) America is #1 at everything
Don't mean to piss anyone off, but this is funny.

Here's where all of this is going. Claire and I are in post-production for a new book. Our first novel, Not Another TG Story, was set in a fictional version of my home state of Maryland (some people have messaged me about the Ocean City references!) and Dorm Room Secrets takes place in fictional towns in New Jersey and Washington State. The Making of a Full House takes place in a fictional version of State College, PA (We changed Penn State to Inkk State, creative right?!) A few months ago when we were in pre-production, Claire and I decided to put our next story in England since she lives there. So here's your first glimpse at our next release:

I won't give all the details yet since we are still editing, but I will mention that the story is about a crossdresser in his late-teens who is dragged into the act more than he thought when a younger teen girl moves in the house across the street and mistakes him for being a genetic girl. It takes place in Bromley and is true (to my knowledge) to British grammar and slang! I'm hoping this publication gives us more of a crowd in the UK. This will be released sometime in early June.

I would LOVE to hear everyone's opinion on this. Especially from our overseas cousins!


-Courtney Captisa
Anonymous said...

Hi Courtney,
First let me congratulate you on 8 million page views, its fantastic to see. I have been following this blog for a long time now and seen it grow a lot over the last year or so.
Secondly, I am from the UK, and I have come to this blog through a few of those sites listed over the time. I think a lot of the difference in traffic can be put down to the UK having almost a 6 times smaller population than America. I also use both and, its just how it works here, you come up top on both for "clean tg caps". I think us brits do like to keep stuff private, even when it comes to the internet but as I said I think the main reason is just numbers in the country.
Anyways love the blog, love the books, never stop doing what you're doing

Kisses xx


Anonymous said...

Quick set of stats:

Your total pageviews for USA
5276657 / 318900000 = 1.6546%

Your total pageviews for UK
713327 / 64100000 = 1.1128%

Really just a 0.54% difference in viewership.

Love your posts!

Anonymous said...

Best of luck with the book, and congrats on the number of page views. However, I am British (Scottish), and prefer magic/SF transformations. I might have misunderstood, your post. But given that the USA has a population of approx. 300 million, and Britain, approx. 60 million I don't see a significant difference.

Not sure where those world University rankings actually come from, but the reality is rather different.

The top 5/6 positions change quite regularly, given they are so closely related. I am a little surprised at the anglophone bias. Usually, the Sorbonne and Tokyo University are higher.

By this sample, there are 6 US universities, and 4 British in the top 10.

Don't want this to sound like a rant, I think everyone should be proud of where they come from and the history of their country.
Best Wishes.

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